****YO YO YO YO YO***Stef in tha HIZZY!****

Ya that was cheesy but I’m Velveeta like that.  Sorry, I am saving the awesomely amazing writing for the… B O O K.

Things seem to be going quite swimmingly in Black & Red land.  We are finishing up the books and will be sending them off for the dreaded editing process soon.  AHH!  Our first critics.  I am excited and scared.  It’s easy to edit Jessie’s book, and I’m sure it is the same for her editing mine.  We both know what is going on in each other’s books.  And of course we are in love with every syllable.

Sending them OFF to someone else is that hard part.  That is when the real critique comes in and that is a scary thing.  Someone going over your blood sweat and tears with a fine toothed comb and telling you all of the things that they DON’T like.  No fun.  No fun at all.  But it is a necessary evil and in the end, these are OUR books.  So if they do not like something (aside from grammar issues) then when it boils down to it…they can kiss our derrieres if we see fit.  (Note: To those out there that have already taken to criticizing because they think they know everything….Where, pray-tell, is YOUR book?   Aight then….your drunken opinions are unwelcome and frankly…pointless. )

Where was I?  Oh yes….

This is only the beginning of the really hard part.  But I know we are looking forward to it.

Sorry so short.  I’ll blog more later….I’ve got a book to finish!

Stefanie Leigh






Down to the Line……

Stef here…

It’s getting down to the line.  I, WE, really have to get these books done and I feel so behind.  The details are hiding from me.  It’s getting a little irritating and I cannot even blog….


frigid. COME TO ME!!!!!!

Writer’s Block ~*stefalee*~


I do not think that writer’s block exists.  I think it is more like a LACK OF FOCUS.

Like right now.  I should be writing.

But I Am listening to some crappy wanna-be country music trio called Carter’s Chord.  Why?  Because I had know if they are as bad as I imagine them to be.  But surprisingly….I was wrong.  THEY ARE WORSE!  For instance…” Take a trip. Skinny dip *cross the county line. We could be just like Scarlett and Rhett but with ice cold beer and cigarettes…?”  Seriously?   This makes me wanna push a q-tip just a little too far into my eardrums….HARD.

AND I am addicted to Youtube tonight.  It started out innocently, really.  We didn’t mean to stay together all night!  It just kept making me laugh and feel all warm inside.  One thing lead to another…and….and….I’d posted like 3 videos on my own page and numerous others on other peoples pages and LIKEd like 5 more…..I just got carried away.  I’m a promiscuous YouTuber….Maybe I need an intervention.

And still, here I sit.  BLOGGING.  Yes it is part of writing but I should be WORKING ON THE BOOK rather than fiddle-farting around all night.


OK.  All better now.  Listening to the new Gaga album.  Yes, it’s already available on Rhapsody.

Yes Rhapsody is the Bomb.  YES it is legal and paid for.    I LOVE RHAPSODY.

When Jessie and I are Oprah Rich, Yes, Rhapsody.  We will do a commercial JUST for you.

And OF COURSE, Chelsea Handler.  We want YOUR SHOW to be our first.  Please pop our publicity cherry.  I’d love nothing more than to be deflowered by Chelsea Handler.  Jimmy Fallon…You are next. Or first. Who knows?!?  😛

I like smileys 😀  Deal with it. ;}

And since we will be Oprah-Rich, we will eventually have to have our own channel.  No…just a show will not do.

OK.  I feel properly motivated to work on Frigid now.

WordPress, thank you for the foreplay.  You rock.

I will see you later  or I will see you at anotha time!  ilym.

The Amazingness that is iLOVEourselves….

First and foremost, iLOVEourselves  is a blog by two incredibly talented yet oh-so-humble young women (is 30 still young?)

in Birmin’ham, Alabama who decided to stop TALKING about how “one day we are gonna write books” to


What started on a Saturday night in March, sitting on the couch and writing random $hit down about vampires, gays, Birmingham and about every damn thing under the sun has turned into an empire.  We cannot tell you all of the details yet because

a) you would pirate our ideas and we would then, of course, have to hunt you down and mortally wound you


b) Your minds just cannot handle it.


Minimum, we each already have books 1, 2, and 3 planned.  Like EACH ONE OF US have 3 books planned.  Meaning 6 books.

(Glad we are better with words, eh?)

The other “OMFG, WE ARE SO SMART”-ness stems from the method and styles of writing.  So awesome.  So so fun and rewarding to us as well as for the readers….we hope.

No.  We know.

And though the books are not done, we have been having a BLAST with everything that has happened thus far in the research and writing processes.  Too much fun…..

We have to share.  It’s a book waiting to happen too!

So I just wanted to touch base, say Hi.

This is Stefalee, signing off for the night because it’s past my old-lady bedtime!


Next episode:

Meet Jesse?