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Writer’s Block ~*stefalee*~


I do not think that writer’s block exists.  I think it is more like a LACK OF FOCUS.

Like right now.  I should be writing.

But I Am listening to some crappy wanna-be country music trio called Carter’s Chord.  Why?  Because I had know if they are as bad as I imagine them to be.  But surprisingly….I was wrong.  THEY ARE WORSE!  For instance…” Take a trip. Skinny dip *cross the county line. We could be just like Scarlett and Rhett but with ice cold beer and cigarettes…?”  Seriously?   This makes me wanna push a q-tip just a little too far into my eardrums….HARD.

AND I am addicted to Youtube tonight.  It started out innocently, really.  We didn’t mean to stay together all night!  It just kept making me laugh and feel all warm inside.  One thing lead to another…and….and….I’d posted like 3 videos on my own page and numerous others on other peoples pages and LIKEd like 5 more…..I just got carried away.  I’m a promiscuous YouTuber….Maybe I need an intervention.

And still, here I sit.  BLOGGING.  Yes it is part of writing but I should be WORKING ON THE BOOK rather than fiddle-farting around all night.


OK.  All better now.  Listening to the new Gaga album.  Yes, it’s already available on Rhapsody.

Yes Rhapsody is the Bomb.  YES it is legal and paid for.    I LOVE RHAPSODY.

When Jessie and I are Oprah Rich, Yes, Rhapsody.  We will do a commercial JUST for you.

And OF COURSE, Chelsea Handler.  We want YOUR SHOW to be our first.  Please pop our publicity cherry.  I’d love nothing more than to be deflowered by Chelsea Handler.  Jimmy Fallon…You are next. Or first. Who knows?!?  😛

I like smileys 😀  Deal with it. ;}

And since we will be Oprah-Rich, we will eventually have to have our own channel.  No…just a show will not do.

OK.  I feel properly motivated to work on Frigid now.

WordPress, thank you for the foreplay.  You rock.

I will see you later  or I will see you at anotha time!  ilym.


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Stefalee and Jessie; World-Reknown Soon-to-Be Oprah-Rich Authors

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